Saturday, February 13, 2010

Digital Parenting: Protecting and Empowering Kids

Parents need to educate themselves digitally so that they can be aware of possible dangers for their children and teach them how to choose to avoid those dangers while still utilizing all the benefits the web and digital media has/have to offer so that they can grow into empowered adults who do not fear digital media. As a parent I do strongly believe that our children need a good understanding of this new digital world and to be able to navigate it successfully.Today's parents also face a generation gap with their kids. While learning the latest technology is second nature to kids, parents often find it difficult to keep up.

Parenting the digital generation can be tough. Watch The Password Battle and explore resources for parents on balancing how to keep kids safe online, while empowering them as digital citizens.

Watch the video on Protecting and Empowering kids.

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