Monday, January 7, 2013

10 iPhone Apps to Help Manage Your College Search

One of the biggest decisions in a student’s life is choosing which university to attend in order to pursue a degree. While there are a variety of hard-copy guidebooks and online resources available to incoming college freshmen, the major advances in mobile device technology and the overwhelming popularity of Apple’s App Store have also made it possible for those same students to manage their college search and application process from their cell phones. These 10 apps have helped streamline the college selection and admissions process greatly, reducing some of the overwhelming pressure that many students face.
Peterson’s College Guide – Peterson’s is a widely recognized name in the world of college selection and tours, which is why this app comes in at the top of the list. The free Peterson’s app allows you to map out a trip to your prospective university campuses, determine which institutions best match your academic, social and financial needs, and filter for the highest-rated sports programs across the United States.
College Apply–CA Edition – When you’ve narrowed your list of prospective colleges to a manageable few, this $1.99 app will allow you to access pertinent information regarding enrollment, application fees, tuition, admissions, financial aid and athletic programs. Search by city or the college name to find out more about the schools at the top of your list.
College Confidential – Making a decision regarding which university to attend should be all about the academic programs, but the social component of the experience also tends to rank high on new students’ list of requirements. The free College Confidential app allows you to access popular college discussion forums, getting the skinny on the social scene as well as financial aid, test prep and an Ask the Dean information feature.
College Entrance MobileHUB – Before you can apply for the colleges at the top of your wish list, you’ll have to ace their admissions requirements. This free app offers SAT and ACT prep, along with personalized diagnostic feedback, answer explanations for practice sets, instant scoring and other placement exam information.
College FAFSA Finder + – Obtaining a college degree is an expensive process, which is why many students are forced to keep their financial aid requirements at a higher priority than other factors. This $0.99 app is an ad-free universal one that provides the estimated cost of attendance, contact information, FAFSA or CSS codes for almost 3,000 institutions of higher learning around the country.
College Finder – If you’re looking for free information regarding the best way to further your education and maximize your future earning potential, College Finder might be just what you’re seeking. Financial aid, special study and online program information is literally at your fingertips with College Finder!
College Key – After you’ve narrowed your list of colleges to your top choices, the process of application and admissions begins. This $1.99 app helps you navigate the application process quickly and more easily than ever.
College List – Created by a 15 year old student, College List is billed as an app containing a list of America’s best colleges and information about each campus. Location, average tuition and SAT score requirement information is provided through the free College List app.
Choose a College Major – Choosing the university you’d most like to attend may seem like one of the biggest decisions of your life, but it’s only the beginning. Before you know it, the time for you to declare a major will arrive. That’s where this $0.99 app comes in handy; the app helps you to determine which area your aptitude and interests will be best applied.
ACT College Search – Narrowing the number of colleges to a list of those you’d realistically like to attend is relatively easy; choosing the best options from that narrowed list is where the real difficulty comes in. With this free app, you can investigate those choices and use the available information to make the decision that will be most beneficial to you in the future.
While these apps can be incredibly effective when it comes to narrowing the field of universities and helping students make this life-altering decision, it’s important to remember that there are also scores of other research options out there. While technology may be the wave of the future, you’ll still have to crack a few books during your college career; honing those research skills during the college selection process is a great head start!